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It's possible.

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NC GOP State Convention
4 June 2021

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Last spring, I began this journey in the hopes of securing a U.S. Senate seat to represent North Carolinians. I made a promise to you that we were going to do things differently. Ten months later, I’m proud to report that I still am.

1. This is still a no-donations campaign. I don’t want PAC money, and I wouldn’t dare spend your hard-earned money on my political campaign. I want you to vote for me for free!

2. I’m respectfully declining pre-primary endorsements. I believe that The People should choose elected officials without undue pressure or outside influence- from leaders, from parties, from PACs, from outside of North Carolina.

3. My priorities unify Republicans, and serve the interests of North Carolinians. Defense of the Constitution and the nation, balancing and passing a budget, and a strong focus on economics remain as important as they were the day I wrote them down for the first time.

4. I want you to choose the most qualified candidate. Inevitably, there will come a time where you and any leader you choose will diverge on key issues. Choose a person with vision, experience, and grit you can believe in. I spent 25 years based in Washington DC - supporting our military, policymakers, and leaders. I hold a Master of Letters in International Security and Counterterrorism Studies. I have a passion for policy and spent a lifetime as a public servant, a recognized leader, and someone who can get results around the beltway. If you want to change the system, you need someone who has demonstrated they can work- thrive- within the system without becoming a part of the problems.

5. I still want voters to make the best decisions for them. Despite advice otherwise, I’ve been known to rattle off ALL of the U.S. Senate Candidates for NC- when asked by constituents who is running, on social media as a reminder, and when I see candidates being left out of organized political functions. You have a right to know everyone who is running in an election. Get to know your candidates, expect more from your candidates!

6. Every day, this campaign chooses authenticity over all else. I painstakingly craft every post, I take every picture, I write and deliver all remarks. Behind the scenes, I maintain the website, I file my own financial reports and I do all of my scheduling. If you call, you get me. If you email, it’s me responding. I stand by every aspect of this campaign, because every detail comes from my desk.

My campaign slogan is “It’s possible.” I speak a lot about challenging convention and defying odds. I wanted to remind myself- and you- how far we’ve come, that we’ve kept our word, and that, despite tremendous odds and many hurdles, we are still going! It’s possible!

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Executive power is being used daily to supplant the legislative process.  Congress has not passed a budget on time since 2006. The 116th Congress had the highest percentage of legislation that did not make it out of committees since 1981.  Bills are becoming longer, more complex, and include items that sometimes have nothing to do with the theme of the bill.  We need a framework for more unified, expedient decision making.  I designed the Political Prioritization as a way for constituents to quickly understand my priorities and strategy for strengthening America. 

The prioritization could also be used as a way for Congress to create a universal framework for the ordering and priority of legislative business during a session. A prioritization like this would ensure that the group does not mix topics from different tiers into bills making the passing of legislation more difficult. The prioritization would also require Congress to focus on their key functions for all Americans prior to introducing special interest legislation.

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