Ms. Jennifer A. Banwart recently left a nineteen year career as a public servant for the Department of Defense (DoD). During her time in DoD, she was lauded as a hybrid thinker and trusted leader with substantial experience in successfully establishing and leading multi-disciplinary teams incorporating technical, engineering, policy, resource management, strategic planning, budget, and acquisition experts.

EDUCATION: Ms. Banwart holds a Master of Letters in International Security Studies and Counterterrorism from University of St Andrews (2007). She graduated from Whitman College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Politics and Security in 1998, and also holds a graduate certificate in International Security Studies from Boston University (2000).

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Ms. Banwart began her DoD career in the area of tactical operations support. She has worked in a number of innovation centers, joint government agency centers, and with the military in efforts to continuously improve support to the warfighter and national policymakers. Ms. Banwart also routinely worked with government, academic, and industry partners to investigate and implement the best possible solutions for tactical and strategic analytic challenges in support of the Department of Defense. She is a recipient of a Secretary of Defense Medal, two National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citations, and a joint Meritorious Unit Award. Prior to joining DoD, Ms. Banwart served as a legislative staffer on Capitol Hill (1994-1996), where she supported successful groundbreaking Republican-driven initiatives to include the Contract with America and Contract with the Family. While working for Congress, Ms. Banwart was also selected to support a Presidential Campaign, where she led constituent outreach efforts and policy research critical to the campaign (1994-1996). Ms. Banwart also worked briefly for a policy-focused “.com” where she was able to establish depth and breadth of thinking on policy issues (1998-1999).

PERSONAL: Ms. Banwart resides in the Raleigh, NC area with her husband, twin daughters, and son.  She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, geocaching, volunteering at her children’s school, and playing miniature golf.