Breaking it Down: Platform Practicum

Recently, I've seen some press articles misrepresenting my platform. So, I'm writing a quick post to clear up any confusion, and including an infographic (from my website) below.

I have three tiers of priorities. The first tier are, I believe, the most important jobs of the United States Congress (House + Senate):

1) to pass a federal budget on time (which sounds easy but has not been accomplished in nearly 20 years) and keep federal spending prudent,

2) to defend the Constitution, and

3) to defend the nation.

Success in these three areas is utilitarian - meaning, nearly all U.S. citizens will derive some benefit through outcomes like greater security or protection of freedom or greater international confidence in our currency (just a few examples).

The priorities contained in the second tier center mostly around social issues - which will affect most U.S. citizens, and then help us to lead the way for other nations. So, if your nation has great defense, economic security, and individual liberties, then you have likely built enough prosperity to consider providing assistance of some sort within reason and on a case-by-case basis. If you've been on an airplane, you have heard the flight attendant say something like, "Should the cabin lose pressure, please place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping the person next to you." In this analogy, your oxygen mask is things in tier one, while helping the person next to you is tier two.

As nations gain prosperity, it is only natural that they want more consideration for individualism. This is where identity politics reside, and some of the issues that quickly become more polarizing in groups of people - things like pro life/pro choice, narcotics, and politics of gender. If these elements receive too much consideration before we make the other tiers healthy, we find ourselves in a situation where the whole pyramid is quickly toppled and national stability begins to collapse.

In other words, I think of the fight for overall prosperity sort of like a game of tug of war. The first tier is your team's anchor - if the anchor loses footing, then the rest of the team likely goes with him/her and you lose the game. The second tier is the team members pulling on the line - if they start to go, sometimes the anchor can hold the line by digging in their heels, or sometimes it's going to topple - the outcome depends on how strong your anchor is. The third tier would be the rope - you cannot play tug of war without it, but by itself, it really can't do anything

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