Free Cookies - We Don't Want Any

"Broccoli Chip Cookie with Spinach Icing" By: Coraline Banwart

Since I am running for political office, it was only a matter of time before my children asked me, "What is a Republican?" I am truthfully quite surprised we made it to second grade without this question... considering that my twins came home from kindergarten saying, "Someone on the playground said President Trump is a terrible President." Children are being influenced by politics at a very young age, whether through schools or the opinions of friends and parents whose conversations are overheard. While Republicans are fighting things like critical race theory, we must not forget to also help positively shape the political lens through which our children will view many of the things they hear.

I saw this as an opportunity to teach my daughter about the two-party system.

So, I responded, "Well, let's start by talking about what it means to be a Democrat. The democrats want to offer free cookies to everyone."

Her eyes lit up, "Free cookies?!? That sounds amazing!"

"Of course it does," I said. "Except, later, after the free cookies, you may have to give some of your allowance to cover the difference for some of your friends who couldn't afford cookies."

She thought for a moment, and then replied, "That's ok! I'm happy to help my friends pay for their cookies." So proud of her.

Then, I said, "Ok, great. But just so you know, the cookies you paid for are broccoli chip cookies with spinach icing."

She paused. "Mom I don't want those cookies, I want chocolate chip!"

I said, "Because they are free, you don't get a choice - you get what the government provides."

She said, "But mom, I paid my allowance for those cookies!"

I smile and replied, "Now you understand what a Republican is."

I think we all hold the ideals of helping each other out, but when the government gets too involved and micromanages, we ALL get broccoli chip cookies with spinach icing. Some of us have to give up our allowance so others can have cookies that they don't even want.

"Next time," she said, "I'll just buy my friends some chocolate chip cookies." Smart kid.

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