Lessons I Learned From My Daughters

My girls changed my life in SO many wonderful ways, and opened my eyes to so many things I'd never really thought about before. Experiencing a twin high-risk pregnancy exposed me to shortcomings of women's health care, a five week NICU stay forced me to learn how frustrating the current health care in this system can be in a person's time of need, and - like many moms- I found myself quickly trying to chase that elusive work-life balance everyone was always talking about. Eight years later, my girls are still shaping so much of my strategic thinking - how do we fix public education permanently, what is the proper balance between individual freedom and authority, and - more generally - what can I do to ensure that my girls have a chance to experience the same greatness that I've known growing up in America? If we do not take a no-holds-barred approach to curbing spending, fixing public education, reinforcing and upholding our Constitution, it is our children and grandchildren who will shoulder the struggle. It's time to ask candidates the hard questions - what is your plan for balancing the budget, how will you address the fast-approaching shortfalls in Medicare and Social Security costs, what do you think about the Affordable Care Act, and how will you help to fix public education? We need our leaders to demonstrate the discipline to consider two paths simultaneously - the now and the future, not just the next election. Expect more from your candidates! It's possible.

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