The Gross Anatomy of Political Win

Polling with leading questions, assembly-line agendas and talking points, and automaton-like ads and interviews flood mass media. They are told what to think, what to say, what will win. A sense of collective disappointment soon will be felt and expressed near and far as the elected flounder -without a clear sense of self or constituency. The newly-minted will enter the political arena again and again unprepared and unequipped for the progress that we critically depend upon.

The opulent dinners and glitzy, costly events put on by candidates (and sometimes wrongly endorsed by members of a political party) give amplification of the voices of the few over the thoughts and beliefs of the many. Those out-of-state donations and agendas like a trail of golden breadcrumbs enticing he who is most eager to win. Racing down the trail, the enticed politicians leave the hopes and needs of many constituents in their collective wake.

And lest we forget the NEXT election - the gaze of the electeds’ focus shifts as the last ballot of this election has been cast. The (mis)use of franking, the embellishments of individual contributions to accomplishments, and a healthy helping of pork (barreling). The cherry on top of this re-election sundae – a battle royale on the steps of the Capitol – The People’s House – the stuff of dreams for the ratings-chasers, but more appropriate for Bravo than the news. The People can be heard, far off in the distance. “Next time,” They say.

THIS is how leaders are made today.


Campaigning should be as much about listening as it is about speaking, as much about humility as it is about self-assuredness, and as much about understanding the truths of others as it is about unwavering and decisive leadership.

Expect more from your candidates. It’s possible!

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