Wording Matters

I absolutely believe that God gives us all liberty and that the federal government exists only to protect those liberties when state and local government cannot (or will not). The federal government also has responsibility to provide for the common defense, mail, and very few other responsibilities outlined by the Constitution.

As much as I would be honored to sign the Liberty Pledge, I feel the wording is too broad. The problem is the word "enhanced". There are certain federal functions that Congress does maintain responsibility for - including defense - and we should absolutely continue to optimize or enhance those functions to the best of our ability.

Also, the substantial government overreach over decades means that we must first strive to "enhance" the departments and agencies that exist through downsizing of budget, personnel, and scope/scale and then make decisions about whether it makes sense to maintain or discard altogether. I am absolutely committed to ending government overreach, but it didn't happen overnight and it cannot be fixed overnight either.

Extreme thrashing back and forth is the enemy of balanced, enduring legislative action, and a huge part of how we got to where we are today. As such, while I have given my word to do what I can in twelve years, I cannot sign the pledge as presently worded. Too many things that Congress signs have wording that is open to interpretation, and that is how progressivism creeps in. So, while I support the aims of Liberty Guard, I cannot sign the pledge.

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